Football in Cider's Projected Premier League Table as of 11/9/2017

Publish Date: 7/9/2017

We love predicting, so we thought we would predict how the English Premier League will look on Monday evening.(It's Thursday today)

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How The Top of the Table Will Perform

Machester United & Liverpool

It is inevitable that United will continue to hold the summit and remain top dog. Klopps's Liverpool will also remain strong and keep second place after securing a memorable and classy win against their close neighbours and big money spenders City. Ultimately, Liverpool's relentless, insatiable and awe inspiring attack simply outgunned a hollow City side. When your defense is as permeable as Liverpools you have to be on the front foot, and they were. Tippy Tappy has no answer to the onslaught of a determined German Wehrmacht.


Chelsea, on the other hand, are mixing things up a bit. They will ominously move up to third after thrashing EPL newcomers and unexpected table toppers Huddersfield. Chelsea's win will only compound Manchester City's misery and with Pep Guardiola previously mouthing off how easy the Premier league is/was, Chelsea's leapfrog will be that extra bit juicy. Guardiola, on the other hand, will be hiding his blushes whilst his team slide down in a slippery 7th spot. Not as easy as you thought eh Pep! Tosser.


"I wan't sure I was up to it" - Wenger - stating the bleeding obvious

Arsene, on the other hand, will be holding his head high. Regardless of the incessant bombardment of insults, rotten tomatos and facts, his Arsenal side will limp up from 16th to 11th. Don't get too excited by this win though Arsene, there's going to be nose bleeds all round as the high altitude will almost certainly take its toll the following weekend, culminating in yet another dire drab defeat. Look out for that 4th step Arsene! It's a Doozey! Oh & regardless of this weeks win, your team is shit.

Scroll down past the table to see how the other half will perform.


The EPL Table (as of 11/9/2017)

FiC's Projected Premier League Table as of 11/9/2017

Man Utd

4 12


4 10


4 9


4 8

West Brom

4 8


4 8

Man City

4 7


4 7


4 7


4 7


4 7


4 5


4 4


4 4


4 3


3 3


4 2

West Ham

4 1


4 0

Crystal Palace

4 0


How The Bottom of the Table Will Perform

In a nutshell, shit

Poor Bournemouth and Crystal Palace still remain bottom and pointless.

Very very pointless.

Great performances don't always earn points in the Premier League, but at least you'll soon face Pep and get some well earnt relief and an easy 3 big ones

West Ham, who before this weekend were also pointless, will have earnt some short lived relief by scraping un pois (that's 'one point') at home to Huddersfield. Someone needs to bring these Barking Mad Terriers down a peg or two, and the experienced relegation battlers are just the men to do it.

Proper Football

Well now you know what will happen, you can save a wad load of cash and go and watch some proper, real mans, football at the Almighty & Famous 'Spotland Stadium'! Rochdale are needing some support this season as they continue to out do all expectations. They have previous EPL Champions Blackburn Rovers visiting in what will prove to be a cracking showndown and surely attract a humongous crowd! Up The Dale!

Interestingly, FiC is predicting a draw with odds of 3 to 1 and a confidence of 50%. It'll be a great game but to be honest, there's better bets.

How Did We Predict this Table So Accurately

Simple! We looked at the Premier League Predictions and applied the predicted results to the current table. If a prediction hadn't yet been made, we applied an educated guess.


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