Hello FiCs

Another week another 25% profit.

We hope you are having a lot of fun and also making a bit of money in the process. May it continue :-)

A quick update this month (we won't go in to the usual details of how much money FiC made from Top Tips as it's becoming the norm)

What is different is our new $1 Challenge. We are trying to turn $1 into $50 in 12 weeks! There's no promise we will get anywhere near, but we thought it would be fun to try. Please have a look, it''ll take 2 secs and be a lot of fun!:

Any profits we make will go to charity. If you can show your support by posting a message it would be hugely appreciated!

One Dollar Challenge for Charity

A quick email is a good email, so good bye for now and good luck with the tipping!



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