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Items To Check When Signing Up To An Online Gambling Bookmakers Website

Before you sign up to an online gambling site you should ensure a few things: 

  • You can afford to gamble
  • You are of legal age to gamble in your country
  • The site is legal to use in your country
  • You have the correct Url for the gambling site
  • You have a credit card that you can use
  • You can provide proof of identity
  • You have a bank account
  • You have read reviews of the bookmaker 

Most of these are self-explanatory, however, before we list out good places review your bookmaker there are a couple of points to keep in mind:

The site is legal to use in your country: Some sites are restricted by governments. There are many reasons for why they do this, however if you decide to circumvent the restriction you could risk being ineligible to withdraw your winnings. So, although frustrating at time, it is always best to stick to the legal sites.

You have a credit card that you can use: It is always best to use a credit specifically dedicated for online purposes. Keep a low limit on it and reconcile regularly, ie check that all the withdrawals were made by you! Bookmakers are not specifically known for misuse of credit cards, this is just common sense advice.

You can provide proof of identity: Money laundering is rife around the world and bookmakers are heavily scrutinised by legislators to ensure all the money is clean. Just make sure that you trust the bookmakers with the information you give them. Make sure they destroy it as soon as they have completed their checks.

Ok, so now we are on to the bookmaker review sites. Here is a short list of sites that will help you ensure your chosen bookmaker is legit. As always, it has to be noted that your choice of bookmakers is your decision and Football in Cider takes no responsibility for any issues you may have with any bookmaker. Choose wisely!

The main aim of this list is to identify review sites that are independent and can be trusted regardless of their obvious sponsorship interests... easier said than done! A good review site will also allow disgruntled clients to air their grievances so that we can find out how the bookmakers deal with issues.


Independent Bookmaker Review Sites