This is the Football in Cider (FiC) Girl creating your Top Tips

Football Insider or Football in Cider

If you ever setup a website of your own, choose the name very carefully. Only then you will avoid being inundated with confused, but hopefully interested, users:

  1. Why Football in Cider?
  2. Why not Football insider?

These are 2 very common questions you ask us frequently. So we thought, just for you, we should address the incider/insider without further delay.

Why Not Football Insider?

Lets address the 'Why didn't call yourself Football Insider?' question first. We didn't use Football Insider for the simply reason that the cost for the domain name was $10,000 !!!! It seems to be parked by a company that makes a crap load of money by owning potentially huge domain names. 

It's a shame.We love the name Football Insider: When it comes to betting, insider knowledge is paramount. An we like betting on Football so yes, Football Insider was out first choice too, but it was clearly too expensive.

Before we move on to the second question, we want to fire a question back to you: Do you have access to "insider" information yourself? Football in Cider's inside information is not the typical 'tip' you might overhear at your local pub or training ground. You know the sort, a friend of a friend who knows the under 21's defender's Uncle that use to cut the grass says it's been secretly over watered to nullafy the opposition's superior passing game, blah blah blah. No, our insider knowledge is a tad trustier and a lot less dodge. Our insider knowledge is technical. Our insider knowledge is data. Ultimately our insider knowledge is the state of our Neural Network running on our very own computers.   

If English is not your first language, then lets quickly recap the definition of "Insider": Insider: a person within a group or organization, especially someone privy to information unavailable to others. Our information unavailable to others is our neural network and it's internal logic that is used to create our Top Tip predictions.


Do you remember that the definition of 'Insider'? It's a person within a group or organization, especially someone privy to information unavailable to others.

especially someone 'privy' to information unavailable to others

"Privy to information", what does Privy mean? The definition of 'Privy' is secret, concealed, hidden, or secluded

If your knowedge is public,as opposed to secret, concealed, hidden or secluded, then you're not going to make money from it. The bookies will use the information and change their odds. So our information, which we use to predict with, has to be privy. ... .... .... Which leads us to another amazingly common Question:


If your tips are so good, why do you publish them for free on the Internet?

At first glance publishing tips for free to anyone sensible enough to listen seems a bit crazy. Why would you do it when you can quietly make money yourself and book your next set of holidays.

Firstly, we do actually do this. Of course we do! And yes, we make decent money. Very decent money. But why do we publish this and allow others to do it too?

We think our success is defined by the popularity of our tips rather than the money we could sell them for. Ultimately, it is our AI technology and algorithms that are worth money, not the tips they generate.

So whilst we are happy to give our Top Tips away for free. Our algorithms and AI technology  will remain insider knowledge.


Why Football in Cider? 

So we have explained our love of the word "Insider" and we have shown you that it is expensive. So whilst we could append text to Insider to reduce the cost, we thought we would rather add a twist.


We're not sure anyone involved in Football in Cider has ever been to a football match without first visiting a pub. Football and getting pissed go hand in hand, and as we get older, we are more willing to deviate from our well trodden beer path and experiment with other beverages, such as cider.

Cider has recently gained popularity as a tastier alternative to common beer. Small passionate cider microbrewaries have popped up around the world catering to a sophisticated and less stereotypical football fan.

Cider is once again growing in populatity.

We like cider.

Now, again for those of you where English is not your first language, insider and 'in cider' are pounounced exactly the same. So quite simply we replaced "insider" with "in cider":

From "Football Insider" to "Football in Cider"

This way, we retain the privy information that is so valubale, but we also get a tasty, sometimes sweet, alchohilc beverage.

And to put the cherry on top, the domain name only cost $10.



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Football in Cider Marketing

 As you may be aware this site is fully funded by Winnings! and advertising. The Winnings is the easier part, however there is no guarantee week in week out that our winnings will be big enough to cover costs. Which is why we use the old fashioned low risk method of advertising.

Advertising is great, but it only works if you have people to advertise to. So we have a steady stream of catchy ads which we float around Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to let more and more punters know about are amazing web site.

Of course, the best ads are recommendations from current FiC fans so go on, do us a favour, let everyone in the pub, everyone at the game & everyone at work know about Football in Cider. Actually, if you do, let us know also, we will make a note of so when we're the biggest tipping site in the universe we will be able to thank you. 

Okay, so here are the latest pictures......


FiC Knows

FiC Knows


We're starting off with an amazing picture. There's a touch of resemblance to the Aids adverts from the 90's in the UK- Don't Die of Ignorance. We're not trying to be controversial and compare our site to anything as drastic, painful or sensitive as aids, we are simply trying to appeal to those that grew up in these times: Middle aged men and women who now might be able to enjoy making the game a bit more interesting by having a quick flutter.

The "FiC Knows" is classic! Obviously it catches your attention due to its similarity to "Fuck knows" but semantically it says everything about our website in 2 words!! FiC Knows. Yes, we do! We know which collection of bets will make money. This could very possibly become our slogan?

 And then the final sentence "Ignorance is no excuse": Or is it the final sentence. Readers could easilly combine it with the FiC Knows to read: "Fic knows ignorance is no excuse" which is also very apt for our site. The ambiguity is, hopefully, intriguing.

Th last point to made on this ad and specifically the last line "Ignorance is no excuse" is that we firmly belive it. Ignorance is no excuse. Betting blind is stupid. Why is it we get a hunch that a team will win and feel too lazy to look up their form for example. Okay many of you do, but many many more don't! We genuinley like to think That FiC is about making it quick, easy & simple to make an informed choice before making a bet. There's another slogan! "FiC - Quick, Easy & Simple Betting Choices" Needs work, but it's a start.

FiC Knows.




 Just Click It!


 The patio ad is far less complex. We think it looks good. THe guy in it could easily be you or me. Every man loves a patio, especially one with kind of a secret pond under it.

The "Just click the link" is aiming at so many 40 year old men that aren't computer savvy. We are constantly amazed how many middle aged men will not use facebook, twitter and the likes and treat their browser like it's their mothers underwear! Unfortunately for us this is a large component of who we appeal to yet trying to get that horse to the water is as easy as herding castrated 3 legged goat into a curry factory on a bank holiday! And then they've got to drink it!!


Just click it! It's good for you!!!!!!!!!



I will always Love You 


New Staistics


This is one we can't explain. And that's the point. Almost certainly this one will get the most likes and shares. Well the most likes anyway, I don't think we've has any shares yet on any of our ads. A fact we are ashamed to write about but we know that this far down even in a popular article will have readership figures ias low as low hanging limbo dancer.

So we're interested to see how this one is received.


Messi & His Fine Pair of Bristols

Messi Bristol


This is just unashamed blatant attention grabbing. How many Bristol fans can we reap in? Will Messi fans be curious and concerned that Messi could be leaving them to rebase himself in the west country?

Yes you and I can guess the answer, but we might be pleasantly surprised.

Ok, if you got this far then you're a legend. Drop us an email simply, or a facebook/twitter message so we can thank you!