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How Good are Pinnacles Odds Compared to the Other Bookmakers?

(Part 2 of our Pinnacle Blog - See Part 1 here: Pinnacle Bookmakers Blog - Introduction)

Comparing Top Tip's Sports Betting Odds

Let's get straight to the crunch: Does Pinnacle offer the best odds? To find out we are going to take a snapshot look at Top Tip Predictions over the next few days and see how Pinnacle comapres to a selection of other bookmaakers. Top Tip Predictions are deemed to be an excellent choice for sample data as they are the bets FiC measures and reports it's success with. To begin with we will selct a small number of bookies and depending on the data we may add more as we go.

Football Soccer Top Tips

Bookmaker's Odds: Pinnacle Versus The Rest

So without further ado, here are the results for the 28th August 2017:

Game Prediction Odds
Totals 8.53 8.58 8.49 9.17 8.96
FiC Bet365 Crown 1xBet Pinnacle
Seattle v Portland Seattle 1.72 1.66 1.70 1.72 1.719
Maidenhead v Leyton Maidenhead 2.4 2.37 2.32 2.57 2.54
Salford v Southport Salford 1.91 2.00 1.97 2.15 na*
Orleans v Lens Orleans 2.5 2.55 2.5 2.73 2.71

* indicates thats no odds were av available. An average value of 2.0 was nominated for Totals

So Who is Offereing The Best Odds?

Suprisingly, based on this single day of Top Tip Predictions, Pinnacle wasn't the top dog! That prize goes to 1xbet, who consistently offered the best odds for each game.However, Pinnacles odds we much closer to 1xbet than bet365 or Crown

We will keep you updated with more odds as they appear over thext few days to see if this is a trend or a one off. We may even add a few more bookmakers to mix as well!

  1. Popular high service bookmakers with average odds
  2. Specialised, lower service bookmakers with higher odds

It appears Pinnacle are not out on there own offereing excpetional odds that no other bookmaker can compete with, rather it looks like Pinnacle is one of a group of bookmakers that are abale to offer slightly higer odds at the expensive of some other services.

Of course, this is currently just a hypothosis at the moment and it is just an opinion based on very little data. We will spend the next while gathering facts to test how true it maybe and possible throw up some other intersting findings

Happy punting!


(Part 2 of our Pinnacle Blog - See Previous Part 1 here: Pinnacle Bookmakers Blog - Introduction)

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