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Arbitrage Sports Betting

UPDATE 26/8/2017: Arbitrage report is now available: This Weeks Arbitrage Sports Games

Keep an eye out for our new arbitrage betting page! It should be published in the next day or two!

With over 250 predictions this week, 3 were arbitrage bets! Which 3? Well you'll have to wait another day or two!


I've managed to steal the arbitrage tips before they get offically published!!!! See the table below? That's them. The first column is the Arbitrage Value. Any value below 1 represents easy money. The lower it is the more money. The other columns contain the odds. All these odds were available from our sources. The good news is that we ofren find much better odds from different sources that are algoritm doesnt have access to. The bad news is these odds may no longer be available.

Oh, the other bad news is that I don't have the ratio of money you need to stick on each bet. We're just gonna have to wait for that one. :-(

Arb Value Game Home Odds Draw Odds Away Odds
0.9714733542319749216300940439 Bournemouth v Man City 10 5.5 1.45
0.9925303454715219421101774043 Watford vs Brighton 2.1 3.4 4.5
0.9976135488837567359507313318 Frej vs Norrby 2 3.75 4.33


I've got the ratios!!!!!!!

For the Man City game, if you're betting $100 then, for a risk free bet, put $10.29 on a Bournemouth win, $18.72 on a draw and $70.99 on a City win. Then, whatver the result, you will make between $2.90 and $2.96 profit!!!!!

Sorry, I only got the one ratio for the time being!

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