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A Journey to the Pinnacle

Getting the best deal is not always easy. Especially when it requires effort! We want to make life easier for you by introducing you to a bookmaker you may not have heard of. A bookmaker that supposedly offers some of the best deals in the betting community. Follow us on our independent journey to see if the rumours are true and happier betting is just around the corner!

Pinnacle Bookmakers Review

We're going to be focusing on Pinnacle bookmakers. Pinnacle have a reputation for being a punter's bookmaker. Claims & rumour's dare to suggest that they allow, and even encourage arbitrage, that they are unique among larger bookmakers for exceptionally favourable odds and also that they won't ban you for winning.

(Exclusive: FiC produces arbitrage reports alongside Top Tips, but through fear of ostracisation from affiliates has never published them!)

They appear to be an excellent choice.

Additionally, and most importantly for Football in Cider (FiC), they offer some amazing automated betting services. Wouldn't it be nice to click a button next to your Top Tips to place your bet. No need for multiple screens, separate lists of bets or manual odds comparisons.

Not a Review - But A Journey

Initially, we intend to start using Pinnacle as a regular customer and report on our findings so that you can take advantage of our learnings. We will answer questions like:

  1. How easy is it to use Pinnacle compared to other bookmakers?
  2. How is Pinnacle different to other bookmakers?
  3. Can I use Pinnacle in my country?
  4. How good are Pinnacles odds compared to other bookmakers?
  5. How good are Pinnacles help resources and articles for a soccer punter?
  6. Should I fake my orgasm?

By following us on our Pinnacle journey not only will you be able to get an intimate and detailed view of this bookmaker, but you will be able to ask questions and guide us to making new discoveries. Don't have time to read all the introduction articles? Well then, ask us which ones we found most useful! Don't understand their lines system? Then ask us whilst we are reviewing them and we will explain all!

Of course, we don't expect you to have to read our wordy blog to get the information you need, so we will ensure to create a clear & complete summary of the blog detailing all of the important findings. After all, we all have better things to do than read lenghty, wordy, reviews online! Just tell us the answer!

Fusing FiC's Artificial Intelligence To Pinnacle's Automation!

Linking Artificial Intelligence with Automation offers endless possibilities. This is a picture of a futuristic robot selecting football matches


If all goes well and Pinnacle lives up to their reputation, then following this initial analysis we hope to start using some of the technical services Pinnacle offers to automate FiC.

Pinnacle is one of a few bookmakers that offer services that computers can use to analyse and make bets. Many of the suggestions that have been put to FiC can be resolved by seemlessly allowing FiC to manage and place bets on your behalf. We are a long way off full automation yet, but ultimatley wouldnt it be good to hand over $100 to FiC and watch it grow without any manual intervention. Sort of like a managed fund, but better!

So why aren't we doing this now? Simple answer: We are! But we haven't finished. Unfortunately, systems like this are open to hackers. We will only publish automation when we are confident it is secure. So, to all you 'would be' hackers out there: "Try somewhere else!"

Disclaimer: Putting Our Cards On The Table


A group of happy young punters dressed in their team colours enjoying watching a game of football (soccer)

Before we start, we want to be upfront about our own interests and how independent we are:

As with many of the top bookmakers, we are an affiliate. This means we receive financial rewards for new customers that sign up using our site. As an affiliate to any bookmakers there are rules we must follow when discussing and reporting on them. However, FiC is proud to remain independent and retain the trust of our readers. If we are aware of any conflict of interest we will terminate our affiliation rather than jeopardise our trust. If we have to report anything that breaks an affiliation rule, we will first seek consultation with the affiliate, but ultimately we will always put our readers interests first

Pinnacle in a Nutshell

So, Pinnacle, Who are you? and What do you do?

Pinnacle answer's to this goes as follows:

First online bet was in 1998
Offers the best odds, the highest limits, and a 'winners welcome policy'
Do not pay to sponsor soccer teams
Do not pay for TV advertising
Do not offer start up incentive bonus
Not paying for massive marketing budget allows better odds for customers

Some interesting facts
Licensed by the Government of Curaçao
Formerly (prior to 1998) known as Pinnacle Sports
No horse racing betting is offered
Pinnacle withdrew from the US in 2007 but offer its service through WSEX

Where To From Here?

Well Pinnacle certainly stand out as being different and they appear to be offering some excellent punter centric services. The only real way to find out how good or bad they are is to start using their services and discovering for ourselves. So, just for you, this is exactly what we are going to do. We are going to publish a small set of articles describing the highs and lows culminating in a formal conclusion of our experiences with Pinnacle. Join us along the way, or simply go straight to the conclusion (when it's written!).

Please feel free to contact us to let us know your thoughts and questions, we answer every (legitimate) enquiry!

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