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Are you thinking of betting online? Do you already bet online but wonder if you are using the best bookie? Well we here at FiC use many different bookies every day and we want to share our experience and views on the different sites we use.

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Something we are very proud of is our independence yet we do have affiliations with a few bookmakers with conditions we must follow as part of these affiliation. Being critical of an affiliated bookmaker is contentious and may well risk the partnership, however we promise to be truthful in our opinions, base them on facts, and be constructive in our critique. We are hopeful that any issues we disclose conerning a bookmaker will be received with a preffesional gratitude and at least an understanding of the facts behind the opinion. Ultimatgely, at Football in Cider, if truthful critique risks an affiliation we will happilly cease the relationship.


Bookmaker: Bet 365



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Repsonse Time Excellent

Odds Best so far

Bonus Offer Difficult

Soccer Navigation Poor


William Hil


Crown Bet