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Follow these 2 simple steps.

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Step 2: Bet on Football in Cider Top Tips

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How Does This Work?

Football in Cider Top Tip Predictions are selected because the odds offered by the bookies are considered to be favourable and disproportionate to the probability of the result. This is explained in the easy to read Bookies Balancing Books article

No Seriously, How Does This Work?

Football in Cider has an algorithm that recognises patterns by using a neural network. For each game it gives a predicted result and a probability that the result will eventuate. This probability is then compared against the odds being offered by the major bookies. If the odds are greater than the probability then the predicted result is tagged as a Top Tip. Seriously read Bookies Balancing Books

What this means is that whilst not all Top Tip Predictions will be correct (we get about 50% of them correct) the returns on the correct Top Tips should be greater than the total of all the Top Tip stakes.

We keep a tab on how true this is by displaying the figures on our Home Page.

Who Can Make Money?

This site is for over 18's only. It is also only about having fun. Please do not bet money you can not afford to lose. Enjoy!

Are There Any Guarantees?

No! Certainly not. However Football in Cider discloses all past predictions and how they performed financially. A summary can been seen on our Home Page. This figure is automatically updated after every Top Tip Game. It should be noted that past performance does not guarantee future performance.

Gamble Responsibly

Responsible gambling occurs in an environment where people make informed and rational decisions about their participation in gambling based on their own individual circumstances.

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