A question you often ask us is

“Which Sport is the Best to Bet On?”

This is an intriguing question that no only has a multitude of different and equally correct answers, depending on which viewpoint you take, but also one which instantly conjures up a monumentous mountain of tempting tangents for us to too easilly dissapear down without ever thinking to turn back and answer the actual question.

Sporting Facts & Statistics

So lets gets some facts in front of us and stick to the point.

The facts are going to come from straight from the Football in Ciders website. We are going to source the following:

  • Profit made from 2017 Football bets
  • Profit made from 2017 Rugby League bets
  • Profit made from 2017 Rugby Union bets
  • Profit made from 2017 AFL bets
  • Profit made from 2017 Basketball bets

All the bets will be Top Tips bets since they are the creme de la creme of sports bets. 

We will compare the sum of all bet stakes (remember, just Top Tips bets) with the sum of all winnings to get a winning (or losing) percentage. We will use this ratio of winnings to stakes to identify how profitable a sport is to bet on.

We will assume the more profitable a sport is that the better it is to bet on and hence answer the question “Which Sport is the Best to Bet On?”

Did you get all that? It's not too difficult we hope. The main point we want to get acorss is that we are using facts, not opnions, and these facts are based on our very own sports statistics.

What We Are Not Doing

A quick note, we are not going to look at 2018 figures as we are only mid way through the year.

And again , we are not going to look at “All bets”. Only Top Tips. Yes in real life we do bet on non Top Tip data, and yes we do win and make money, especially on the Good Bets, but it is the Top Tips bets that are the creme de la creme, so we will souley use them.

One last disclaimer: We are not going to look at horse racing, American football, cricket, baseball, golf, boxing tennis, NFL, hockey or even tidally winks. We would but we dont have enough data ... yet.


Result For Sports And Their Betting Profitability

Drum roll please, the F.A.C.T.S follow:

Sport Stakes Winnings Profit Ratio
Football $3,800 $4,119  1.08
Rugby League $350 $331.70 0.94
Rugby Union $90 $85.40 0.94
AFL $170 $189 1.11
Basketball $140 $137.40 0.98

So there we have it, plain as day:

The most profitable sport to bet on is the Australian Football League (AFL)

Well that’s disappointing, I was hoping for it to be football. Maybe next year.

From the table we can clearly see that AFL has the highest Profit ratio of 1.11. In fact it is only AFL and football that Football in Cider made a profit from. We actually lost money in Rugby League, rugby Union and Basketball. How many other tipping sites publish that sort of news!

Another important point to be seen clearly is that most bets were placed on football. It can easily be argued that maybe enough bets were not placed on the other sports to get an accurate figure. Rugby Union for example only created 9 Top Tip bets in the year. This is partly because there aren't as many games played, compared to soccer, and that Union was only introduced to FiC part way through the year.

So the good news from all of this:

We Made Significant Money Betting On Football

With nearly 400 Top Tip bets placed we think the 8% profit made by betting on football (soccer) is an incredible success. We hope you do too! 


All stats, figures and bets can be found puvlished on our site. Use the "Winnings" menu item on every prediction page and also go to the Statistics menu item.