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Where Can I Find The Reports From Your Performance Review


All our reports from our 2017 Performance Review are available to simply by clicking on the links from the menu of the Tipping Screen:


For example, if you want to see the Top Tips Winnings

1. Go to the Top Tips Predictions page (Home->FOOTBALL->Top Tips)

You will see a menu like this:




Can you see that the "VIEW WINNINGS" is red? This happens when you move the mouse over it and becuase it is a link. This is your link to the Top Tips Winnings page!!!


football top tip summary2

You can see see the Top Tips Winnings page for 2017. If you want to change the time period, then click on the boxes labelled "7 Day", "Current" or "All"

Don't forget you can also view the Top Tips for the other codes we tip:



Hope this help!