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Starting BalanceSum of BetsSum of WinningsCash on HandNet ProfitNet Return
Starting Balance: $75.90Sum of Bets: $80.00Sum of Winnings: $14.10Cash on Hand: $10.00Net Profit: -$65.90Net Return: -86.82%

 Spezia 0 v Palermo 020/1/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $10.00
 Spezia 0 v Palermo 0$10.00$10$0.00-$10.0020/1/2018
 Salernitana 3 v Venezia 220/1/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $20.00
 Salernitana 3 v Venezia 2$20.00$10$0.00-$10.0020/1/2018
 Frosinone 4 v Vercelli 020/1/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $14.10Profit: $4.10Running Balance: $30.00
 Frosinone 4 v Vercelli 0$30.00$10$14.10$4.1020/1/2018
 Empoli 2 v Ternana 120/1/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $25.90
 Empoli 2 v Ternana 1$25.90$10$0.00-$10.0020/1/2018
 Cremonese 1 v Parma 020/1/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $35.90
 Cremonese 1 v Parma 0$35.90$10$0.00-$10.0020/1/2018
 Foggia 0 v Pescara 120/1/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $45.90
 Foggia 0 v Pescara 1$45.90$10$0.00-$10.0020/1/2018
 Ascoli 1 v Cittadella 220/1/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $55.90
 Ascoli 1 v Cittadella 2$55.90$10$0.00-$10.0020/1/2018
 Novara 1 v Carpi 020/1/2018Stake: $10Winnings: $0.00Profit: -$10.00Running Balance: $65.90
 Novara 1 v Carpi 0$65.90$10$0.00-$10.0020/1/2018
Starting Balance$75.90$0$0.00$0.0020/1/2018