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A few words from the Creator

"I can't quite remember when I first started trying to predict football matches. 

Let's guess at 1982. It was shortly after reading a Dick Francis book at my grandparents in which a keen and well to do horsey person invented a machine to predict horse races entailing in all sorts of shanagins and sordid interests from very shady characters .

So I've been burning the brain cells trying to create the real life football version of Dick's horsey machine for 35 years!

Predicting the results of sports matches is not easy, simply because humans are involved, and by their very nature humans are complex and not very predictable. We can, however, make educated decisions, based on the facts available and then make well informed predictions.

Most of my 35 predicting years have involved using computers. Computers can now gather and analyse large amounts of data. A task not possible three decades ago which led yours truly to tapping away at a tired keyboard entering in all sorts of spectacular information. Did you know Ian Rush is still Liverpool's top overall leading goal scorer, and I watched almost everyone on Ceefax page 310 from 3 till 4:45 on most Saturdays.

This was a time when I read the Rothmans Football Year Book hour after hour in happy bliss whilst counting down the hours, minutes and seconds to see if I had cracked the formula.

I even took my ideas with me to university at the end of the 80's. My dissertation proved, with a huge amount of data (200 manually entered results) that Big Data could beat the bookies. I really was ahead of the times! 

With the wealth of accessible information on the internet, I have now swapped my Year Books for the internet, and even my analysis for a few adaptable intelligent alogorithms. I have the foundations ready to once again bring Dick Francis's imagined machine to life."

 and Football in Cider was born